Here we will keep you up-to-date with latest industry news, technological developments in 3D printing and details of the novel processes we employ in our work for our clients.

3D Printing ENGINEERING Modelmaking

The Future of 3D Printing: Architectural and Construction

The main benefits of 3D printing in this field are enhanced modelling phases and cheaper projects.     Sophisticated…

Additive Manufacturing F1

Auxiliary cooling with 3D Printing in Motorsport and Formula One

Ducting and pipework   The performance of an F1 car is dominated by the efficiency of the aerodynamics….

3D Printing Laser Cutting Modelmaking

Models: Architectural and Display

Full details of our new service utilising traditional manufacturing methods and the latest 3D Printing materials and processes

3D Printing 3D Scanning Life Sciences

Behavioural Ecology of Predator-Prey interactions using Digital Processes

For this interesting and important behavioural study, we had to call on two of our core services: 3D…

Additive Manufacturing Advanced Materials

PEEK 3D Printing Update and FAQ’s

Since introducing PEEK 3D printing to our product range of materials earlier this year we have had many…

Advanced Materials Composites

Focus on our current advanced materials used in 3D Printing and new additions for 2019

PEEK FDM 3D Printing coming soon, extending our broad range of available advanced engineering materials.  

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