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Concept modelling

3D printing is the ideal way to evaluate alternative design concepts. Concept models improve early design decisions, and selecting the right design path earlier in the process, reduces costs, and shortens the development cycle.

Verification models

3D printing allows design verification to be an iterative process, where designers identify and address design challenges throughout the design process to spur new inventions, or quickly identify the need for design revision.

Pre production

3D printing can reduce the investment risk and shorten the time cycle in this critical phase. This is a huge benefit in the pre production phase, which often involves significant investment in tooling, jigs and fixtures, and in material and component commitments within the supply chain. Functional performance of the print materials is critical, accuracy and precision important, to ensure the final product quality and specification is achieved.

Digital manufacture

3D printing is being used to produce end use parts, or casting patterns and moulds, enable greater customisation, improve product quality and performance and reduce production cycle times. Industry leaders in many markets are now using 3D printing for manufacture, these include automotive and aerospace businesses, dentists, jewellers, fashion houses and medical laboratories. For more information, or to discuss your requirements please Contact us.